Penny Auctions like Zeek Rewards Rated Top Scam by BBB


First of all I am not a fan of the Better Business Bureau
from any perspective.

However, if you are considering Zeek Rewards or any
of the other Penny Auction programs that seems to be
popping up, do your research.

Here is what the Better Business Bureau had to say:

Top Sales Scam

Sales scams are as old as humanity, but the Internet has introduced a whole new way to rip people off. Penny auctions are very popular because it seems like you can get something useful – cameras, computers, etc. – for way below retail. But you pay a small fee for each bid (usually 50₵ to $1.00) and if you aren’t the winner, you lose that bid money. Winners often are not even the top bidder, just the last bidder when time runs out. Although not all penny auction sites are scams, some are being investigated as online gambling. BBB recommends you treat them the same way you would legal gambling in a casino – know exactly how the bidding works, set a limit for yourself, and be prepared to walk away before you go over that limit

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