Reality star couple scammed black investors out of millions with ‘Blessings in No Time’ scheme: lawsuit

By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter from Christian Post Thousands of African Americans who pumped an estimated $40 million into what some saw as a “Godly, ALL-Black, socially conscious gifting community” known as Blessings in No Time, might have placed their faith in an illegal pyramid scheme started by reality star couple Marlon Moore, also known […]

BitConnect founder indicted for alleged $2.4 billion Ponzi scheme (CEO is a fugitive on the Run)

The most signficant statement in the article below in my opinion is. “Today’s indictment reiterates the FBI’s commitment to identifying and addressing bad actors defrauding investors and sullying the ability of legitimate entrepreneurs to innovate within the emergent cryptocurrency space,” he said in a statement.” Since the Bitcoonect sham, dozens of other crypto scams and […]

Solavei Review

  Before you even consider joining Solavei, you should read this Solavie Review. Let me start by saying there is a lot I like about this program, the leadership, and what they are trying to do.  However, I would not attempt to build a team with this opportunity and this Solavie Review will explain why. […]


    EMPOWER NETWORK TRUE REVIEW I  don’t recommend the Empower Network, and it is personal I think David Wood is a scum bag.  I am not going into all the reasons why, that is just my personal opinion based upon his actions, language and my personal experience with him. They have had phenomenal growth, […]

Those who profited from Zeek Rewards to payback money and surrender profits?

  Kenneth D. Bell October 30, 2012 I want to give you an update on our efforts to recover assets from which we will be able to refund victims of Rex Venture Group LLC. Our preliminary analysis has identified more than 800,000 affiliate User IDs who put more money into Rex Venture than they took […]

Penny Auctions like Zeek Rewards Rated Top Scam by BBB

  First of all I am not a fan of the Better Business Bureau from any perspective. However, if you are considering Zeek Rewards or any of the other Penny Auction programs that seems to be popping up, do your research. Here is what the Better Business Bureau had to say: Top Sales Scam Sales […]

Thoughts on Visalus Health Sciences Real Review

What do I think about the downward decent of Visalus? I told you it would happen TWO YEARS ago, but you didn’t listen, PEOPLE  NEVER LISTEN!  We make emotional decisions and the argue when presented with facts. Dale Calvert Update: March 3, 2014 The rapid decent of Visalus seems to have the entire industry buzzing […]

The Grocery Train compared to MPB Today

  Quite frankly anyone that owns a calculator can quickly see that there is no comparison in the income potential with the new Grocery Train company vs. MPB  Today. Network Marketing is made up of followers who blindly follow those they perceive to be leaders from company to company like sheep to the slaughter. It […]

Thoughts on the New Donald Trump Network Marketing Company

  UPDATE 1/24/2020  It is hard to believe that the review below was written 11 years ago, and today Donald Trump is President of the United States. However I think there is a lesson here. You can go back to the eighties when I was trying to communicate to my team member this concept “Leadership […]