Awaken Product & Opportunity Review – Does Zenith Awaken make any sense?

This video kinda says everything there is to say about this program        I found these comments from funny and amusing   I have been wondering about this program but am very cost conscious. Can anyone touch upon how much the program costs? I can’t find any Lipid Awaken reviews online anywhere …… […]

Anger Grows at Happy Company (Read this Review – Before You Join)

Originally Published at MLM Watchdog Former top distributors for The Happy Co. were sent threatening letters after they left to join another company.  Distributors were warned that they aren’t allowed to join or recruit in any other network marketing company for 1 year after their resignation. This policy was added to Policies and Procedures long after many […]

iHub Global is a new, unique opportunity for 20222.  The website of this company, iHub.Global is the most well-established mining network that can provide massive passive income team builders. What is iHub Global? The principles of the company are long time network marketing leaders who held corporate positions within network marketing companies and in the […]

The Best Network Marketing Opportunity for 2022

    Over the years working as a consultant and trainer, the number one question I seemed to receive over and over from people thinking about reentering the network marketing profession is Dale, what is the best network marketing opportunity?  Many who were involved in a mlm company but not that happy would say something […]

OnPassive Review

            I am not going to do a full fledge review of this company because there is no company or product package to review! To this point this company is the definition of over promising and not under delivering, BUT DELIVERING NOTHING! At the time of this writing this  company […]

7up TV Review

        In the past 90 days or so, I have been approached by 7upTV affiliates trying to pitch me that I need to add this program to what I am currently doing as an “Add on Bonus” for my team. Are you kidding me?  Unfortuanately they weren’t, and someone has convinced them […]

NutriCellix Review

Update 12/15/2020 NurtriCellix merges with Uforia Science   It is officeal NutriCellix has parntered with Uforia Science. Breaking News! Three new revolutionary DNA-based, weight-management products are now available in the shopping cart for all Customers and Ütritionists. Introducing, CORE, FIT & SURGE! CORE is a powerful nutritional supplement designed in unique AM & PM formulas, each […]


UPDATE  7/20/2022   I love APLGO, the owner, the distributors, & the products.  Before joining APLGO or any consumable products netork marekting company listen to this podcst.       At the time of this writing APL an eight year old direct sales / network marketing company has created a USA based subsiderary APLGO. APLGO REVIEW […]

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Multi-Level Marketers Regarding Health and Earnings Claims They or Their Participants are Making Related to Coronavirus

We felt we should let readers know what is going on.  My guess is if you are part of the ten companies below or any network marketing company marketing nutritional supplements, you have heard about this from your home office. I am sure hundreds of non-network marketing companies received letters as well, at least I […]

GVO Web Conferencing and Web Hosting

  I once was a GVO Fan, but no longer support them. They were huge years ago until programs like Click Funnels came along. I have watched GVO launch affiliate program after after program over the past few years.  To say they have a “money grab” mentality would be a major understatement. If you are […]