iHub Global is a new, unique opportunity for 20222.  The website of this company, iHub.Global is the most well-established mining network that can provide massive passive income team builders.

What is iHub Global?

The principles of the company are long time network marketing leaders who held corporate positions within network marketing companies and in the field.  Rick Cotton, Chuck Hanson and Michael Stern.   Eric Z. in Las Vegas is the techie behind the developemtn of the app, website, and the advanced distributor back office system that is mad evailable free to all members.

The company provides HNT, Helium Crypto Currency mining hotspot boxes to their members and then pays a commision based upon how much HNT is mined from the hotspots.   Explanation here.

A portion of all of the companies profits supports the non profit organization Viva Kids







Domain Insights

iHub.Global was registered in December 2020. It shows that the company is a new platform that contradicts its original claims of being a well-established company. The analysis of the website shows that the USA is contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. 

The website traffic is also an indication of the fact that iHub Global is not actually a global platform like it is claiming to be. Instead, it is currently restricted to the USA. It is highly possible that the company is making such false claims to attract as much investment as it can. 

Product of iHub Global



Ihub provides HNT Helium mining hotspots they can plug in and start making profits mining the HNT cryptocurrency.

How to Join iHub Global?

There is a one time application fee of $99.00 to see if your location is available for a hotspot and to sign up as an affiliate, anywhere in the world.   Then you can pay a $400 refundable deposit for your hotspot box or lease a hotspot for $18 monthly.

Income Structure of iHub Global

Once the users buy the $99 package of iHub.Global, they will become the affiliates of the company and get a chance to participate in the income structure of the company.  You can earn profits just from obtainin  a box and plugging it in at your home or office.  They use about $1.00 a month in electricty and currently are generating aproximately $125 monthly in HNT coins.  If you choose to build a team you can make overrides on helping your team grow.

  • If a member recruits 1 to 5 affiliates, they will get a position on the Pro Team. 
  • If a member recruits 6 to 15 affiliates, they will get a position on the Bronze Team. 
  • On recruiting 16 to 25 affiliates, you will get a position on the Silver Team. 
  • On recruiting 26 affiliates or more, you will get a position on the Gold Team. 


You can make overrides based upon the amount of HNT your teams hotspots mine.

  • Members can get a 10% commission on the Pro team
  • Members can get a 15% commission on the Bronze team
  • Affiliates can get a 25% commission on the Silver team
  • Affiliates can get a 30% commission on the Gold team



Residual Commissions

  • Members of the Pro Team can generate 5% residual commissions from every member in their Bronze Team. 
  • Members of the Pro Team can generate 15% residual commissions from every member in their Silver Team. 
  • Affiliates of the Pro Team can generate 20% residual commissions from every member in their Gold Team. 

Other than these major types of commissions, the company is also promising a number of other bonuses like the Pro Team Bonus. It is quite evident that the purpose of all of these profits is to attract more users and make them invest in the company. 

iHub Global

Conclusion.  I personally believe that IHub Global represents the very best team building opportunity for 2022 and the reasons why are explained here: