The Best Network Marketing Opportunity for 2022



Over the years working as a consultant and trainer, the number one question I seemed to receive over and over from people thinking about reentering the network marketing profession is Dale, what is the best network marketing opportunity?  Many who were involved in a mlm company but not that happy would say something like, “Dale, I am thinking about making to a pivot to another company, what is the best company out there?

I always have to clarifiy with people, are you looking for the best company, or the best opportunity?  In my mind those are two different questions.

The best companies are those like Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Ussana, and the list goes on and on.  Companies that have been around around awhile, and have all their distributors support systems and teams in place.  Most companies that have been around 20+ years function like well oiled machines as it relates to their distributors support structures, becasue they are.

However asking what is the best network marketing opportunity in my mind is a totally different question.  When people ask me this, I assume they are asking me what company has the best upside income potential in 2022 or whatever year we are talking about.  If this is the question, IT WILL NEVER BE WITH A COMPANY THAT IS OVER 5 Years old.

If your network marketing opportunity provides no chance of financial independence, or ever legacy wealth, then why do it?
Network marketing is a business, not a hobby.  Hobby’s are suppose to cost you money!  There are many reason people fail in network marketing companies, as there are when they join a real estate brokerage firm, become an insurance sales rep, or start a traditional mom & pop business.  However the number one reason teachable, hard working people fail is they are simply with the wrong company at the WRONG TIME in history.

If you want to discover the best network marketing opportunity for 2022, then the video above will answer that question for you.  Years ago I use to look at 3 factors to determine the best network marketing opportunity,  the product, the compensation plan and the corporate leadership.   Overtime I realized how important the culture of the team you get involved with was, and was probably the most important thing to considere.  That is when I first released the 4 stars evaluation system in 2000.





However is 2021 I realized there is a 5th star.  Discovering this quite frankly has been one of the most profound realizations I have internalized over the past 40 years.  I have said all of that to say this, I know without a doubt, what the number one network marketing opportunity in 2022 is if you are looking to maximize your full upside income potential. Watch the video at the top of this article and I will share with you the company, and reveal the 5th star for the first time publiclly.