UPDATE  7/20/2022   I love APLGO, the owner, the distributors, & the products.  Before joining APLGO or any consumable products
netork marekting company listen to this podcst.




At the time of this writing APL an eight year old direct sales / network marketing company has created a USA based subsiderary APLGO.







As many of you know, I have been doing true mlm reviews on this website for many years.

Most companies don’t last 12 months, and very few hit the critical five year point, however when enough or our clients and customers start asking about the same company over and over, I would generally take the time to write a review.  This is not, nor will every be a fake review website that are really nothing more than bait and switch websites so the owner can pitch you whatever (usually non mlm) business model they are involved with.

With that said, it important for me to say that APLGO is a company that 99.9999% of the North American population has probably not heard about at the time of this writing.

At this point I would say that it is the #1 opportunity I have seen in 40 years. In fact it is so strong, that I have come out of retirement from building teams and we are actively helping them launch right now in North America.  Our team is currently the fastest growing in the company and I was the #1 recruiter in the world my first month.



So full disclosure, I am all in on this program.   I have vetted everything that could be vetted and looked for red flags, and simply cannot find them.

If this was a USA start up we would not be having this conversation.  Over the past twenty years or so we have all seen companies that appeared to have huge upside potential but never really got off the ground, or if they did were gone in three to five years because of unforeseen circumstances usually around greed and or ego from management or field leaders.

We will take a quick look at APLGO in this review, naturally if you want to learn more, I hope you will check out our website here: www.APLGoUSA.com




APL was started in Russia eight years ago by a gentleman of humble means that started as a distributor at age 17.  This means more to me personally than I can begin to communicate.  So many companies are operated by investment groups, or individuals that have never been in the field, I have worked with so many owners that see the distributors in the field as a “necessary evil”.   Yes, I acutally had a company owner tell me that.


He made is first million by the age 21 but got out of the industry because he was sick of the money games disguising themselves as legit network marketing companies.  He disliked the false promises and changes to the comp plans.  For the recorded APL GO has the same compensation plan eight years down the road, that they started with one year into the program.  Sergio, the owner,  told me, I see no reason to ever change it, it is working.


He has stated publicly that his goal is to have more self-made millionaires in his company than any other company ever, and I believe him.  In a day where so many comapanies only goal seems to be to keep people in and on auto ship “one more month”, to have an owner that thinks big, has big goals and dreams for his distributors is quite refreshing.



The company is operating in about 30 countries around the world, has 252,000 distributors with multiple monthly six figure earners.  If you are in North America and looking for a new home, you need to re-read the last sentence.

I heard a preacher one time say “If we had a crystal ball we could all become millionaires if we could see the future”.  I felt like standing on my pew and saying, NO!  No we wouldn’t, not if we don’t take advantage of what we see!

You cannot make the mistake of looking at APLGO through USA start up glasses, or you will miss it.   Yes, the company is only 4 weeks old at the time of writing, it is ground floor, BUT IT IS NOT A START UP.  

They have a proven  8 year track record of success, with over 87 million dollars in worldwide sales last year.   We all have the opportunity to see the future when we learn to pay close attention to the past.  We know the kind of product volumen and wealth creation APL has already accomplished around the world, and based upon those documented facts the success is North America is almost guaranteed to happen.  So the question for me was Dale do you want to be part of this, or watch it pass you by?  That may be the same question you should be asking yourself?





Here is the most significant thing those taking a look at the APLGo products should understand.


We have a category creating product, and there is nothing like this product available in the world. Negative Ion Infused Lozenges that provide immediate nutritional gratification.  Customers love the product, they taste like life savers.   The company owns the technology, the patents, and very important ………. THE MANUFACTURING FACILITY.  This mean they have control over quality of raw materials and production, their products are not outsourced like so many companies.


Dr Earl Mindell (NY Times Best Selling Author of the Vitamin Bible) wrote a book on the health benefits of this negative ion technology called the Happiness Effect.  The science surrounding the product is strong, and the benefits customers are receiving have been mirraculous.




Imagine a simple force of nature that can: • Provide you with a feeling of well-being • Offer a quick rush of energy • Allow you to sleep better • Relieve asthma, allergies, & other respiratory disorders • Lower blood pressure Sounds crazy, but it’s true, and it’s something that a drug company cannot sell you. The healing power of negative ions first became known to the public in 1900, when a young engineering genius named Nikola Tesla published an article about the amazing work he had been doing with electricity. Using his new invention, the Tesla Coil, he was able to transmit several hundred thousand volts through the air instead of using wires. Even more remarkable, he was able to send the current through this own body without harm. In so doing, he noted that his exposure had a beneficial effect on his body. The effect that Tesla reported was the direct result of negative ions. Now, over a century later, researchers understand the science behind the phenomenon that Tesla experienced. Written by best-selling author and health researcher Dr. Earl Mindell, The Happiness Effect is a complete guide to understanding and using negative ions to create a sense of well-being. The book begins with a clear explanation of negative ions and goes on to trace the history of man’s interest in the nature of electricity. Readers then learn about the exploratory work performed by scientists after Tesla’s breakthrough experiments, and the scientific studies that illuminated the effects of negative ions on human behavior and health. Finally, The Happiness Effect offers a comprehensive guide to the latest devices that can safely and economically produce negative ions to create good health and happiness.


You can order a sample pack here if you would like.  www.CandyVitaminSamples.com




From my communication with most network marketers over the past few weeks, I will say that most experienced network marketers miss it, the first time the look.  I personally missed it.

The compensation plan is simply genius, experienced team builders can create a full-time income their first month, and newbies can get in profit quickly.    We just introduced a customer acquisition system to our organization last night that you will hear more and more about in the coming months and years called the $5.00 letter.

I believe this retail to recruit system will provide a clear path to customer acquisition for our team members and produce millions of dollars in new customer volume.   Our goal is to help newbies get to a $300 profit within their first couple of months.  If this happens, and it is, leaders will create wealth.

The compensation plan is a very elaborate hybrid, and I have never seen anything like it.   You get paid 11 different ways.  It has what they call a ninary on the front end, which looks a lot like a binary only you can build 9 legs over time, and 60% Unilevel on the backend.  I believe over time the most lucrative part of the compensation plan is a SIX Level Check match system that is mind blowing.

This video will give you an overview.  If you are an experienced network marketer you will be able to follow the highlights, but will probably need a more detailed explanation from an established field leader.  The significant part is once you hit or start at the Diamond level that is a lifetime position.


According to stats from BusinessforHome.org  APL GO has a documented payout of 63%, the highest I have ever seen in the profession for a consumable product. The only reason this can happen is because the own the manufacturing facility and product technology and formulas internally.



I may be wrong, but I am probably right.  I sincerely believe that APL GO will as Sergio (the owner)  suggest, create more self-made millionaires than any company in history.    I believe that North America has been waiting for years for an opportunity with the impact of Herbalife or AL Williams or NSA to come along for over 20 years.   It has arrived, if you have the eyes to see it.


I realize this Aplgo review probably reads more like a sales pitch than a review, but I am genuinely excited and all in on this opportunity.  I never thought in my lifetime I would ever see the stars line up like they have with this company.

The only reason I feel that way is because I don’t have to look at it from a USA start up with huge potential standpoint.  The track record is proven, it is front of us, we know what the future holds.

If you want to learn more, we hope you will check out www.aplgousa.com