Awaken Product & Opportunity Review – Does Zenith Awaken make any sense?

This video kinda says everything there is to say about this program




 I found these comments from funny and amusing


I have been wondering about this program but am very cost conscious. Can anyone touch upon how much the program costs? I can’t find any Lipid Awaken reviews online anywhere …… help!

Didn’t work for me at all I requested a refund 43 days ago and haven’t heard a word
If anyone is seriouly considering paying $150 for a bottle of weight loss pill call me, I’ll find something to sell you that I am sure you will enjoy.

About $1000.00 a month. That includes their “product” meals (5 a day) and weekly council. So their product consists of 80% of your food intake and ranges from cereal, soups, chili and drinks. Most are add water and cook in micro or just add water, hot or cold. They may try to sign you up for 3 months, but id recomend 1 month at a time. Hope this helps.

Just buy the original Atkins New Diet Revolution book. I lost 100 lbs and the book cost was about $7.

I bought Leptin pills on Ebay for $19, much better than $150

I am using a lipid product I found on Amazon. At $150 a bottle all I can say is how foolish do you have to be? Awakend distirbutors
have to be insane.


The only people ignorant enough to buy this product are MLMers who think they can buidl a business with a $150 weight loss product.

I started the program and my only concern was about calorie intake. I was told not to worry about how many calories I take but just follow the plan. However I was eating less then 600 calories a day which to me is a starvation diet. It may work for people, but I could not starve like that.

I completed 8 weeks on the program and didn’t work for me.  Honestly I am a distribuor who was hoping to make money after the Holidays promoting weight loss.  That isn’t going to happen.

I am on a great team, we are all taking the product and think it will work for us.

Awakened distributors are proof of how desparate all network marketers have become.  I heard Mr. Higdon complaining about how his
MLM Taining company has been in the toilet the last three years..  I sent him an email and told him becuase his trainng programs are crap and mlmers wouldn know a real opportunity if their life depended on it.  $150 Dollar bottle of weight loss pills is proof.

I love the product and the opportunity is fabulous, anyone who doesn’t understand that needs to get a life.