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I  don’t recommend the Empower Network, and it is personal I think David Wood is a scum bag.  I am not going into all the reasons why, that is just my personal opinion based upon his actions, language and my personal experience with him. They have had phenomenal growth, but this program has run its course through the network marketing and internet marketing communities, there is no doubt the big money has already been made. Many solo ad venders no longer allow advertising from this program.  The truth is this program is saturated, no right minded marketer would question that!



Sorry to bother ya but I’ve been your subscriber for awhile and I think highly of your wisdom and knowledge of the direct sales/NM industry.

I wanted to know if you’re in Empower Network. I get 20 emails daily from people who are trying to get me to sign up. However, here’s some of my ‘issues’ with that company. They’ve had some bumps in their 1st year like merchant issues but it seems they’ve jumped the hoops so far, except everybody is paying like a 8% processing fee for thier commissions which is like, OUCH. Anyways…

I can’t seem to find a legitimate review on the Empowerment Network. All reviews are from Empowerment Network Affiliates.

No the Truth is the Empower Network is a money an elaborate money game, you can start a blog for free.

As my friend said yesterday, there is a reason it is run out of Costa Rica.

1. They claim to have a 100% commissions but thier comp plan passes up 2,4,6,11 and every 5th after that. That’s not a 100% – more like 63.63% for your 1st 11.


That is true, while we are not against pass up programs, they definitely benefit marketers with big list and those that have the money to buy a lot of ads online and create massive leads.

2. This industry has an average sponsor rate of 1.8 per 90days before most are discouraged and either quit or just plain stop. How can you count on ‘pass-ups’ when this fact is just ‘the way it is’? You’d have to sponsor a shit load of people to replace the pass-ups you passed up especially with attrition.

This my friend is the real problem, nobody is teaching people the real skill sets and mind sets it takes to improve recruiting ratios

3. All-in is $5,125 for all the training. I thought the 70% was broke. That’s BEFORE you spend a dime on paid advertising
where the ONLY real action is. Most of the top earners aren’t even blogging while they teach everyone to blog daily…
… they’ve got full page ads on ALL the biz opp mags.

Yes, that is the game.  The heavy hitters misleading those that don’t know any better

4.They’ve got 100K members that’s blogging about the same deal. What happens when there’s 200K doing the same thing? There’s 33K Youtube vids on EN now. My experience also tells me that sooner or later the AG is going to start taking a hard look at them like they do with every other company that displays a high income return in a short period of time. They just got kicked out of Facebook.

Your exactly right, if they were based in the US that probably would have already happened.

5. I can’t believe this, but you’ve got these top people who are buying new Maserati’s and Porsche’s thinking they have ‘arrived’ – with a company that’s about a year old. Personally, I thought they were smarter than that. Apparently not. I would’ve waited minimum 3 years before I start buying my toys… Thanks much for all your guidance.

I am against any program where the people at the top teach the followers to do activities that ultimately don’t build anyone’s business except those at the top. I expect some of the top people to see the writing on the wall and start jumping to the next hottest deal sometime this year. The Empowerment Network has run it’s course.  The people that jump in that program today are only ones that don’t know any better.  You will see the program slowly start to desintegrate from the bottom up because truthfully you can’t continue to charge $25.00 a month for something people can basically get free.








Their training calls are way too long… 2-3 hours!

If you use their eWallet system, you don’t get paid for over 30 days and they hold 10% of your commissions for six months! WHAT???!!!

The best training is the $15K Formula which is the fourth product level = $1,000!
They give you very little training at the basic level and call you names if you don’t go “ALL-IN” for $5,000!

Deceptive marketing that says you NEVER have to talk to prospects AND that you can make $1,000’s from just blogging daily… yet, I have not heard of even one person that made good money from ONLY using the blog.

Too many passups… you passup HALF of your first 6 sales! Then 20% of all sales forever.

In my opinion, here are some reasons why I am not promoting Empower:

1- Banned from Facebook- I can’t send an Empower link thru my Facebook account.

2- Youtube has been shutting down accounts simply for having Empower mentioned.

3- 70,000 members is good, but saturated. It makes marketing Empower very hard when everyone else has seen it before.

4- Since it is saturated, people will always think “Why should I join you when I can get this and that from that other person”

5- They charge 8% merchant fees and you are NOT paid weekly.- this makes it very hard to pay for advertising when you have to wait for your commissions.

6- People do not like being called a wussy simply for not going all in.

7- Their marketing has you believing you’re going to be rich and successful simply by joining for $25, when the $25 blogging product is just to bring you in to spend more.

8- The name calling “wussy” does not stop until you have bought the $100 product, the $500 product, the $1000 product, and the $3500 product.


Larry Nunn