iLivingAPP Review

Update 2019. I thought this company was out of business, but not 100% sure.
I saw on Linked in where one of the people I worked with in the past, who had
originally asked me to review this company was “Celebrating 7 Years with I Living App”

So I am not sure, I am assuming they are out of business, but if that is not the case< if someone could let us know I would appreciate it. Regardless it does not change anything regarding this network marketing company and the review. ILivingAPP Review

ila-inspirational-living-appWe have had many emails from readers asking our thoughts on I Living App.

More often than not when people ask, they really don’t want to know.  I understand that this information is going to upset those that have already joined, but it may help those who are trying to decide if this program is worth their time.

First of all if you have a huge list this program may be worth promoting if you are looking for some quick short term money.  The online presentation is compelling, especially to those that don’t understand the realities of 3 x 7 matrix and think spill over is realistic for the average distributor.  If you are going to join, get in early and front line to an internet marketer with a huge email list, to make spill over possible.

I believe this program will be short term.


The answer is obvious.

How many Apps have you paid $9.95 for?


2nd question,  How many Apps do you pay a monthly fee for?

For me, the answer is also ZERO

The bottom line is for any opportunity to offer true long term growth, there has to be a real market for the product.  There must be customers outside of the comp plan.

In the video they talk about Uncle Joe who just wants to be a customer of the APP.  Ladies and gentleman, the TRUTH is that is not going to happen!!   Granted, none of us have seen the app at the time of this writing.

The other major issue is it takes 12 people to BREAK EVEN!

Let’s face it, the money is just not there for most people and there is not a true market for the product!

You can attempt to argue those points if you want, but unless you have a huge email list, or you are going to be sponsored by someone who does and you are one of their first 3 members,  I would not spend a lot of time with this program.  The money and the market is just not there.

This program will grow fast and within a few months, the incomes will decrease rapidly as those late comers drop out after paying $9.95 for an app with no monetary return.   How many times do we have to see this scenario play out before we realize it is not going to change?

At this point and time, if you are thinking about joining I would compare it to MCA.

MCA is offers quicker faster income, and already has 7 million satisfied customers throughout the United States and Canada.  The online presentation is even better than and much more compelling, based upon modern day reality and not potential.  CHECK OUT THE ONLINE VIDEO HERE.


Saturday morning January 26th 2013

Those that get it, make the move quick!

I was logging into my Google Plus account this morning and at the top of the page
was a message from a friend who originally I had catogorized as an ILiving Ap
Associate.   Guess what he was promoting on his wall this morning?

See below, of course it was MCA.  It just makes more sense. Those that don’t take it personal and have the ability to look at the facts always come out ahead.  The facts  just speak for themselves.

* In business since 1926
*Over 7 million customers in the US & Canada
*$9.95 MONTHLY Phone Ap which no one has ever seen at this point, or a $19.97 month fee for a
Triple AAA type road service?

You are going to have to spend your promotional time somewhere with some compay.  Those that learn to promote opportunities that offers the biggest return for time investment always win!