GVO Web Conferencing and Web Hosting


I once was a GVO Fan, but no longer support them.

They were huge years ago until programs like Click
Funnels came along.

I have watched GVO launch affiliate program after
after program over the past few years.  To say they
have a “money grab” mentality would be a major

If you are looking the best deal on a reliable web
conferencing system, GVO says they have a solution.

I used GVO Hosting for years, and cannot in good
conscious recommend them.

They were redirecting website visitors from some of my
websites to their personal affiliate promotions.

Yes, I contacted GVO and needless to say this was
not resolved.  I don’t trust them as far as I could
throw them.

If you are sincerely looking for hosting for your
website, we recommend Blue Host.


GVO Business Opportunity

With such a great deal on conferencing service then there
must be a great business opportunity from marketing this
service, right?   WRONG!

Listen, I used  GVO for my web hosting services
for years,  I have been using them before they were
GVO when they were known as Kiosk.

I have been a GoToWebinar.com user for years, but when
I learned about the new service offered by GVO I switched
immediately.   That is no big deal.   Most of the online
marketers I know have used Kiosk/GVO for years because
of the service, reliability and value.     Most of my in the know
marketing friends have also switched from GoToWebinar or
other platform to GVO conferenceing.   Yes, it would appear
this is a No Brainer Business, or would it?


You have to understand this rule:  THE UPSIDE

Don’t waste your time promoting this business as a business
would be my advice.   Yes they offer the absolute best products
and services in the market.  However the real question is how
many real customers and clients are there for their products
and services?

If 99% of the population has no need for your product, you don’t
want to be involved in that business, no matter how great your
product is, make sense?

Always ask yourself, what is the true upside potential for the
product?  If Mom and Pop doesn’t use it, I have no interest in
marketing it!