When I look at the mindset of
some companie owners and distributors
I wonder what they are thinking.

A couple of companies do great
business with a juice product and
suddenly everybody and their
brother is coming out with a new juice.


The truth is a product will never make an individual
or a company a success!

I speak with corporate guys weekly that some how
think their product is different.

Thousands of companies with great products, even
supior products have come and gone over the past
30 years since I have been involved in this industry.

Network Marketing is a 3 Footed Stool

You must have:

*You must provide Quality Products at REASONABLE PRICES

*A fair comp plan that rewards people who retail and provides
significant residual income for leaders

* Training Systems and Programs designed to teach the skill
sets necessary to develop leadership.

As I look back over the past year I am flaborgasted at the
number of conversations I have had with company owners,
distributors, corporate officers and even six figure earners
that don’t get this concept.

An awesome product is fairly common in our industry.

The best product line in the world will not make up for
the lack of proven training systems that get new
members off on the right foot.

It really doesn’t matter what % the comp plan pays!
100% of zero is zero!

I know people that have been in 6 different companies in
the past couple of years, each time thinking that the
comp plan or product was going to be the key to their

How foolish!

The real product in network marketing always has been and
always will be a well trained distributor. You must have
the training systems and programs in place to develop people.

“Build people, and people will build the Business”

The fine line is realizing that even with the best training
programs and systems in the world, 70% will never produce!

So as a leader you have to make a choice to inspire greatness
or cator to mediocrity.

To many companies, are wasting a ton of time, effort and
energy trying to change the 70% (Ducks) into 27% / 3% (Eagles)

It isn’t going to happen. 70% of the population will die
with “their music still in them”. I am not going to change that,
your not going to change that and neither will your comp
plan or product.

When you finally realize that network marketing is a leadership
development business, and products or comp plans will never
make you successful, FRUSTRATION WILL LEAVE.

You have to get the emotions out of it and go through the
numbers! Stop reading books on nutrition and start reading books

The juice ain’t going to make you successful!

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PS You can look back in the history of network marketing
and see this mindest of trying to jump on what’s hot
over and over again.

From pycnogenol, 2-Level Pay Plans, Internet Malls,
chromium picolinate ephedra weightloss,
and the list goes on and on.

And more recently
2×2 follow me pay plans and “Challenge” Promotions.