LifeVantage Protandim



May 21, 2012

This Review will not be complete.

We normally don’t even review a company until we have had multiple request from our readers.

I am just going to share with you my personal experience to date with this company. I first saw the
Protandim video several months ago and was beyond impressed. Looking at it again I think it is one
of the most compelling videos I have seen since the early chromium picolinate days.

Very believable, not a lot of hype and rah rah, just the facts.

You can view it here:

Honestly I have been waiting for people to send me sample bottles of this product. Normally when
a new nutrition product hits the market, the UPS truck starts stopping by our office daily. At one time
I had so many different bottles of juice in our refrigerator at the office I had to make the decison to
buy another refrigerator, or get rid of some of the juice. LOL

So I finally a couple of weeks ago I broke down and attempted to buy a bottle a of Protandim retail. No, I don’t
have any interest in the business, but I take hands full of nutritional products daily from various companies.

Here has been my experience. As of yesterday, May 21st it has been nearly two weeks and I have not
received the product I ordered. I receive my credit card statement in the mail and see that they have billed
my credit card nearly $2,500.00 for fifty bottles, yes I said FIVE O.

After wasting a couple of hours on the phone with a home office staff member that seemed to not have
a clue, I hope I have got this situation resolved, time will tell.

In the meantime I did a little of snooping around online to see what I could find, and quite frankly, the
results have been very discouraging. Burke Hedges who have been around the industry over 20 years
and someone I consider to be an icon is in litigation with the company right now.


I unconvered some more disturbing Information you can read here:


If you do a search online for Paul Myhill, (he was one of the original founders of the company) there seems
to be some major conflict between Paul and the current powers at be.

It is certainly too early to tell, however at this point this appears to be heading toward yet another company
where greed and ego ultimately bring it it down.

I will post updates soon.