Solavei Review

Solavei Review


Before you even consider joining Solavei, you should read this Solavie Review.

Let me start by saying there is a lot I like about this program, the leadership, and what they are trying to do.  However, I would not attempt to build a team with this opportunity and this Solavie Review will explain why.

Solavei is a telecom-based (read: Wireless Phone Service) home-based business opportunity that offers customers the ability to earn money while paying for a service they ALREADY use…their wireless phone!  That is the first question you should ask yourself when evaluating any opportunity, is there a market for the product?  Marketing a product that the majority of the population is already spending money for is a great place to start!

As you know Solavie is not the first MLM  company to come up with this idea.  Multiple companies over the years have tried to get in this market and to date none of them have maintained any traction, so the question is always why?

First, some basic background info of Solavei…the company was founded by Ryan Wuerch and is reseller … through its agreement with T-Mobile. So, any where T-Mobile has coverage is where Solavei  should have coverage.  I don’t know him personally but he is impressive.

Solavei is reporting they have grown to 125,000 registered customers within it’s first four months.   They have “hired gun” celebrity endorsements  from people like Stephen Baldwin and Danny Gokey,   Some people see this as a positive, quite fankly I have always seen this as a negative.   In general if a person is impressed because a particular celebrity is associated with a company in general that type of person is more interest in watching Entertainment Tonight than they are building an organization.   Business minded people assume celebrity endorsement means “PAID” endorsement and of course this is not always the case.


First of all the product sounds great on the service. Solavei offers Unlimited Voice, Text and 4G Data on a nationwide network for ONLY $49/month…with NO contract! I’m guessing that’s cheaper than what most people  are currently paying which should make switching to their service easy.  You would think that gathering customers should be simple.

With many traditional network marketing companies  their products (juice, vitamins, weight loss shakes, etc.) are 2 to 3 times MORE expensive than comparable products at the health food store.  A huge positive is Solavei is competitive with price in any area.

You wold think that would make building your home based business a lot easier? Imagine offering the people you know a product that has true value they are already spending money for, sounds great, right?

Solavei offers it’s service on the T-mobile network which one of the nations leading 4G wireless networks. T-Mobile  isn’t some fly by night company with 7 cell phone towers in the middle of nowhere…they have a partnership with the 4th largest wireless company in the nation! So you can trust that there is reliable service and coverage where you would expect to have coverage of course when customers have a problem with their cell service they will blame the distributor and not T-Mobile.

I would give the product (cell service) a B+ .   That is what I would give any company with any provider, it has nothing to do with Solavei or T-Mobile.  Quite frankly a B+ is very good.  The challenge.  People are resistant to change.   The last thing most consumers want to think about or deal with is Cell Service.  Contracts, coverage, penalties, are all words most consumers simply don’t want to mess with.   How many cell phone consumers do you think shopped for the best rate?

90% found the phone and the service at the closest retail business selling phone service.   It is sad, but most consumers would not walk across the street to save 20 bucks or so  a month on the cell service.

Of the 120,00 “new customers” that have enrolled in the program, I would estimate that about 119,000 joined because of the business opportunity.  Maybe more, maybe less, but ultimately you have to be able to create consumers for your product.   Many cell phone companies in the past have proven that the cell phone conusmer market is a tough nut to crack.

The good news is there is  no need to buy a new phone when you Solavie .  I am told you just add a Solavei SIM card to an unlocked GSM phone and get the value of our $49 Nationwide 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data rate plan and this  works especially well for those coming from AT&T .  Now if you don’t really have an idea what that means  (I don’t either) again people resist change and a confused mind does nothing.

In the Solovaie marketing video they mentioned, if your current phone doesn’t work you can buy a new phone directly from Solavei or find one from a friend, on ebay, craigslist or walk into any Walmart and get a pre-paid T-mobile phone.   THIS IS A MAJOR RED FLAG IN THE MIND OF CONSUMERS.

Solavei also provides you with an option to earn free service and residual income once you sign up.

When you become a customer and decide you want to share this opportunity with others, you do that through Solavei’s patented “Social Marketing System”. This system is truly revolutionary and is a game changer in the direct sales/network marketing industry.

Want to share the Solavei opportunity with your friends on Twitter or Facebook? It’s easy. Just select which compelling video or message you want to share, click a button and it’s done. Solavei will do the sharing for you.

The Solavei Compensation Plan

Solavei customers who decide to promote the services to earn an income follow a unilevel compensation plan which I personally like.

So… every member you personally recruit will be added to your direct downline, those who were recruited by your first level members will become your second level, and so on.

Many Solavei marketing material make statement like  the comp plan may  sound confusing, but don’t worry. You don’t have to understand it fully in order to get paid
(I think that is what they are planning on)

The downline for each rep involves a “trio” grouping, which is the essence of the referral program as well as the payouts. With Trio Pay you earn $20 per trio in your personal network each month. That may not seem like a lot thus the problem with this type of program, the margins are just not there.

So we give the product a B+  the comp plan is rated D-  why.

The question we always ask is what does the average associate have to do to make an extra $100 a month and is the doable?

The truth is to make an extra $100 a month is going to be a major challenge for most network marketing distributors.  If the front end is not good for the average person, it doesn’t matter how the numbers on the back end look!  

Example: you are considered a level 1 social partner if you have a single trio under you and in your personal network. This does not entitle you to any Path Pay as yet, and you only get to see the $20 per month plus the $50 FAB.

Once you refer additional members and grow your personal network to 2 trios and your entire downline to 8 trios, you become a level 3 social partner which entitles you to a Path Pay of $100 per month plus the $20 for each trio you have   (Requiring 8 Trios means you have to have 24 people to earn $100)   

Solavei Comp Plan Bonuses

Ok, that is all I needed to know.   I have several friends who jumped into this program and many leaders.   Personally I wouldn’t touch any program that requires distributors to have 24 members to earn $100.


Marketing Materials  A

Impressive online presence, great corporate and field leadership.


As we have been trying to communicate for years.  When evaluating any MLM program the first thing you ask is what is the true market for the product?  I give Soloavie a B+   The second question is What does a person have to do to make $100 a month and is that doable?    We give Solavie a D-.    Quite frankly if the comp plan is a D- nothing more needs to be considered.

Every time I write a review I upset people who have already joined the opportunity unless I endorse it 100%.  That is not the purpose.  The purpose is to give people a deep prospective on the opportunity.   It is not good for the industry for people to enter programs blindly based just upon the recommendation of a friend or business associate.

Always ask yourself the two questions we cover above and GET OUT YOUR CALCULATOR!