Why Coffee Network Marketing Opportunities can never be hotter than Luke Warm

Over the past couple of years, at lleast a ½ dozen coffee programs that have started with a lot of fanfare but never gained any real traction. One was even giving away a cappuccino type coffee maker, if you just used their coffee.

Let’s be honest, if a coffee network marketing does get off the ground and create some momentum, it is not because of the COFFEE! I can guaranteed your the program has up front big money potential because the incorporation of some kind of front end inventory load!

A network marketing opportunity is always limited to the market potential it has for real, honest to goodness consumers. In other words, what is the market potential for the product outside of those participating in the opportunity?

These distributors are always quick to rattle off the stats on what percent of the population drinks coffee and on and on. On the service it would appear that coffee, a product consumed by a large portion of the population would make a great network marketing product, or would it?

If there is not a realistic expectation of a product capturing market share, you are “spitting in the wind” as we say in Kentucky.

Here is why coffee programs have never gotten off the ground and maintained any type of momentum. Coffee drinkers are probably the most loyal to their brand as any group of consumers.

Folgers drinkers drink Folgers
Maxwell House drinkers drink Maxwell House
Blue Cloud drinkers drink Blue Cloud
French Plantation drinkers drink French Plantation
and so on and so forth.

To get those outside of the those participating in the business opportunity to change brands is a losing proposition. Some may, but not enough to create any significant market penetration.

I would guess that the majority of people who drink coffee consume it at their place of employment or by ordering at the drive through window at Starbucks, McDonalds or Duncan Donuts. To expect these people to change brands and forgo the convenience of their morning trip through the drive through window is irrational and a terrible business model to try to build upon.


So why specialty coffee’s, and coffee in general may appear to be a hot product to attempt to build a network marketing company around, none have ever become hotter than luke warm in the past and I can see no logical reason for that to change. So when given the chance to reserve your cup, I would think twice.

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