The Grocery Train compared to MPB Today


Quite frankly anyone that owns a calculator can quickly see
that there is no comparison in the income potential with
the new Grocery Train company vs. MPB  Today. Network Marketing
is made up of followers who blindly follow those they perceive
to be leaders from company to company like sheep to the

It is so evident, I really feel silly taking the time to write
this article, but a few people have asked me to do a quick
comparison and that is what I am going to do.  My opinions
are based upon information published on January 16th, 2012
at both companies corporate websites.

The first question anyone looking at both opportunities
should ask themselves is why am I joining a network marketing
opportunity? Most network marketers
approach the business like they would a social club. They
like hanging out with network marketers more than they do
the people in their church choir group.

I have always believed that network marketing is about creating
wealth in 3-5 years.   If you want an extra $500 bucks a month
there are a lot easier business models to follow.   Flip Domains,
Sell products on Ebay, and the list goes on and on.

The entry fee for the Grocery Train is $149.00  $100 for groceries I assume
the other $49,00 goes to the company.   After you enroll two people you
make $100.

The entry fee for MPB Today is $210,00 $200 for groceries and a $10 a year
website fee.   After you enroll  two customers you earn $25.00 for each

So when you look at just the front end, which is basically all most people
see you would give The Grocery Train comp plan the advantage or would

It really comes down to would you rather spend  $149 for $100 worth of groceries
or $210.00 for $200 worth of groceries.  Obviously the best bang for your
investment on the front end is $210 for $200 worth of groceries.  I don’t think
any logical thinking business person can disagree with that.  However, must
people are not logical and not business minded and I am sure that is something
the Grocery Train is banking on.  (Yes pun intended).

Most people are only going to see what their initial investment is $149 vs. $210.
Short sided I know, but that is the way most people view opportunities.

So again, I ask you why are you involved in Network Marketing?

I guess the 2nd question is even if you are looking for quick cash does Grocery Train really make sense?

I hope your answer is no.

The  charts below really tell the story.




If you get out your calculator and study these the charts, the outcome will be more than obvious.

Here are just a few of the things to consider:

The Grocery Train has a $120 monthly qualification for ALL members.

MPB Today has zero monthly qualifications until a new
person has become a Bronze member (Which means they
have recovered their initial investment and are making

A brand new member gets paid 5 Levels in 2 Compensation plans in MPB Today

Level 1  Combined Commissions’  8%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 18%
Level 3   Combined  Commission’s 18%
Level 4   Combined  Commission’s 13%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 13%

With the Grocery Train new distributors get paid

.5  only on level 1  YES THAT IS POINT 5  as in ½ percent.

                            Are you kidding me?


You can’t  draw 5 Levels with the Grocery Train until you have
reached the position Senior Executive which requires 4 Acive
Legs and $6,000 in monthly unilevel volumn.  How many people
do you think will get to that level?  When of it they  do, here is the
measly payout:

Level 1  Combined Commissions’  2%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 1%
Level 3   Combined  Commission’s 1%
Level 4   Combined  Commission’s 1%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 1%

Compared to MPB Today  from day one.

Level 1  Combined Commissions’  8%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 18%
Level 3   Combined  Commission’s 18%
Level 4   Combined  Commission’s 13%
Level 2   Combined  Commission’s 13%

Not to mention with MPB Today you also receive a
50% matching bonus when you become a Silver and
additional 50% at Platinum.   Plus company bonus
Pool at Diamond.

As I write this article I don’t know if I should laugh
or cry. I say that because a ½ dozen unknown
affiliates have left MPB Today to join the Grocery
Train. This always happens when a new company
launches. The truth is the only reason a MPB Today
affiliate would even think about leaving and joining
The Grocery Train is because well known associate
was terminated by MPB Today and The Grocery
Train is where he has landed, at least for the time

It is a sad but true fact that in this industry followers
follow those that they “perceive to be leaders” right,
wrong, good or bad. What they don’t realize many
times is the leader has worked a deal with ownership
that other members do not receive. Just because
a leader becomes desperate and works a deal with
ownership does not necessarily mean it is in your personal
best interest.
When I was with Shaklee 30 years ago a few people
jumped shipped to a company called Enhance Nutrionals.

I know what some of you are thinking, I never heard of
that company, that is right and you never will.  They
didn’t last very long.

The truth is, it is easy for people to make what in their
mind is a lateral move, than to dig in and perform where
they are.   I can promise you, those that didn’t make it
in MPB Today will NOT make it in The Grocery Train or
any other deal until they decide to develop  the skill sets
and mindsets necessary for success in this industry

Companies will never make you successful.  Your success
is always based upon your own personal development.

It is easier to jump that to take responsibility for our own
mediocrity.  I have watched people make this error in
judgment over and over for 30 years.

MPBToday has been in a state of constant evolution since
the day I joined.   For the first time since I have been with
the company I can say that now everything is in place for
us to re-write network marketing history.  We are doing the
right way, and building on a solid foundation.

The truth is, the Grocery Train may never launch and if it
does, we all know there is a 90% change it is not going to
make it.

If you are comparing the opportunity with
the Grocery Train all you have to do is get out your calculator.
Numbers don’t lie, and there are no emotions in numbers.

My opinion doesn’t matter and neither does the opinion of
a Grocery Train “leader”.   The numbers are the numbers.

Lastly MPB Today has recently introduced a new inovative
way that makes getting the message into the market place
quick and simple even for affiliates that don’t have a background
in marketing.

All new remembers receive their own MPB Today Contest
website as part of their $10 a YEAR membership.  You
can see a sample of this innovative lead generation webiste