Ameriplan Review


I hand the opportunity to work as Ameriplan's Corporate Trainer
during their major growth years in 2007 - 2009.  I met some 
fabulous people, and the company officers and their leaders
were a great group to work with.

I have many wonderful friends and business associates that
I met during my time with Ameriplan.

Things were rolling. A long story short. The owners, Dennis &
Daniel Bloom were trying to sell the company to their top 
money owner, Mark Jarvis.  When the sale didn't go through,
Mark ended up starting his own company, and took about 3/4
of the distributor organization with him to Zurvita.

Ameriplan is still in business today, but Mark leaving was
a major hit.



Ameriplan is still in business today, but Mark leaving was a major 
hit.  Ameriplan offers a health care supplements that provide
great discount for their customers. 

I have always viewed Ameriplan as an affiliate program with a
network marketing comp plan. 

This is the challenge. Ameriplan plans sell for less than $50.00.
With all team building comp plans your omissions and 
overrides are based on the monthly volume.

If the average monthly volume is $200, instead of $50 you would
need 4X more customers with a $50 monthly qualifier than a 
$200 qualifier does that make sense?

I feel Ameriplan is a great affiliate program and offers 
a great product.  The healthcare market is a mess as we
all know.  Just get out your calculator and understand 
the number of customers it will take to earn a significant

Ameriplan Opportunity


What is Ameriplan – ReviewIs Ameriplan a scam

Company: Ameriplan


Products: Dental Care & Med Plus


Is Ameriplan a scam?

Ameriplan is a multi level marketing company that are selling health care benefit programs such as Ameriplan Dental Plus and Ameriplan Med Plus. Multi level marketing is where you get compensation from multiple levels. You will earn money from the sales that you and your team generate.

So is Ameriplan legit? Yes they are, Ameriplan has been in business since 1992, and have a well established customer
base throughout the United States.  With the current health care crisis in the United States the need for their product continues to growth with no end in sight.

Ameriplan Products

There are 2 products that you need to be aware of at the time of this writing.

Ameriplan Dental Plus

This package includes more than just your teeth because it covers your eyes, prescription medicine and chiropractic services. There is no limit to the amount of visits or services.Ameriplan Review

  1. Dental. The dental plan covers an oral exam (I am not talking about school here), X-rays and the cleaning of your teeth. You can save from 61% up 78% of the costs through Ameriplan.
  2. Vision. You can save from 10% up to 60% for eye exams, contact lenses and glasses.
  3. Prescription. Save from 10-85% from some of the prescription drugs.
  4. Chiropractic. Save from 30-50% on all diagnostic services, treatments and X-rays.

You are probably wondering how much it costs? It has an initial registration cost of $20 and then a monthly recurring cost of $25 pm.

Ameriplan Med Plus

This package includes the following: Telemedicine, Hospital Advocacy, Ancillary Services and Prescriptions.

  1. Telemedicine. You can call or email your doctor and get 50% off of the consultation. The calls range around Ameriplan$50 and through Ameriplan you will save 50%.
  2. Hospital Advocacy. If you are hospitalized and you exceed $2,500 an advocate will assist you in getting a discount from the total costs. This can come in needy if you are very limited financially.
  3. Ancillary Services. You can get up to 70% discount on all MRI and Cat-Scans. You will also get up to 80% discount for all of the lab tests and up to 50% discount for all LASIK surgeries.
  4. Prescriptions. Save from 10 to 80% on most of the generic prescription drugs.

This plan also has a onetime registration cost of $20 and a monthly fee of $25 per month.

Combo plan

This plan will cover both of the products mentioned above for a one time registration fee of $35 and a monthly fee of $40 per month.

Compensation plan

First of all, you need to become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for Ameriplan. To become an IBO, you need to pay the annual enrollment fee of $25. The next step is to qualify to earn commissions where you either need to buy or sell one package.

Direct Sales

It can either be the Ameriplan Dental Plus, Ameriplan Med Plus or the combo package. Most people will just go and buy the package for themselves to qualify for commissions.

After you have qualified, you can now earn 40% recurring commissions from all the packages that you sell.  So 40% of the $40 package would pay you $16 a month in commissions with the current Ameriplan compensation plan.


Ameriplan compensation plan

Ameriplan Team Building Comissions

RSD (Regional Sales Director Level)

Once you start to enroll other IBO’s, you will become a RSD (Regional Sales Director). You need to enroll a minimum of 10 IBO’s to qualify for commissions. Once your IBO’s Start to make money, you will earn 5% commission from the sales of your first IBO group and 10% from commissions that comes from your second IBO group.

SRSD Level

You will achieve this level once you have enrolled 3 Regional sales directors. You will then earn 15% from all the revenue that comes from the 1st generation or level.

ESD Level

When one of your enrollees manages to become a SRSD, then you will be promoted to the ESD level. From this level you will earn an extra 10% from all the revenue from the 2nd generation or 2 levels deep.

SESD Level

To reach this level, you need to enroll at least 2 SRSD’s. From here on you will earn an extra 5% commission from all the revenue that comes from the 3rd generation or 3 levels deep.

NSD Level

To reach this level, you need to enroll at least 4 SRSD’s. With this level, you will earn an extra 3% from all the revenue that comes from the 4th generation 4 levels deep.

Ameriplan is not health insurance, they provide supplements, however the customer retention rate is very high
compared to many products sold within the network marketing structure.   The real secret to this program is for customers
to use the product and see that it DOES save them money.

If you are an experienced online affiliate marketer you may want to take a serious look at the Ameriplan Opportunity.



Here is a podcast episode you may find valuable I did with Rodney Williams who I met when I was training for