doTerra Essential Oils Review


Synopsis from Dale

I will start by saying that we have several doTerra leaders that listen to our podcast weekly and
several  members of our MLM Training Club.  I appreciate and support each one of you.  If it were
2008 and doTerra was a ground floor opportunity still in the formulation stage, you would have to look
long and hard to find a better opportunity with more upside potential.


However at the time of this writing, it is not 2008 it is 2020.  DoTerra has become one of the most
respected company’s in the industry, and their products and opportunity has touched the lives of
countless number of people around the world.


As I have said many times “The more credible the company, the less of an upside opportunity exist
with that company”.


I love DoTerra, their story and the wellness benefits of essential oils.   If you are looking for a fun,
social, part-time gig with a unique culture, DoTerra may be the company you are looking for.  The
company is in a state of Stabilization which is a sign the big money has already been made.   If you
are looking for the opportunity to create a million dollars are year, there are opportunities in the
market that have that upside potential by DoTerra is no longer one of them.


This best move the company can make at this point is find another unique product that has not
yet become mainstream. Can lighting strike twice in Pleasant Grove, Utah?  Maybe.








Brady Johnson




Who Founded & Operates doTerra Essential Oils?


doTerra essential oils is  based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, that sells essential oils, and other related products. doTerra was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey B. Lindley, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert. Stirling.  Emily Wright, and David Hill were former executives of  competitor Young Living a company which also markets essential oil products using the network marketing business model.  The company was the subject of a lawsuit by Young Living alleging theft of trade secrets – this was resolved in 2014 and the claims against doTerra were dismissed.

At the time of this review doTerra has gown to over three million independent contractors around the world, known as Wellness Advocates.

doTERRA also has a robust back-end operation to support their customers and wellness advocates with over 1,800 employees and a 383,000-square-foot corporate office and manufacturing center in Pleasant Grove, Utah.



What is the Upside Potential of the Essential Oils Market?

According to Market Watch

The increasing applications of essential oils are driving the growth of the market. According to Statista in 2015, the demand for essential oils worldwide amounted to approximately 174 tons and is forecasted to reach around 245 tons by 2020. The rising demand for essential oils is also one of the boosting factors to the market. For instance, in November 2017, Organic Aromas, maker of a wide range of premium aromatherapy products for the home and professional-use markets launched several exciting and unique new products with the advent of its proprietary Nebulizing Diffuser technology.

The Global Essential Oils Market was valued at USD 7.44 million in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 14.28 million by 2025, and is registering a CAGR of 8.5% by the end of 2025.

If you are a student of Dale Calvert’s training, you have heard him over the years talk about  how network marketing companies have identified new products and trends and promoted them in the market place.  They ultimately create mainstream acceptance.    If you have been around the profession for a few years you have probably seen this trend happen over and over. Pycnogenol, Chromium Picolinate, Noni Juice, the examples are endless.   We can now add essentials oils to that list.  When products start showing up at Wal Mart the market has officially been penetrated.  So the wave is officially over, has momentum phase peaked.   I think anyone can truthfully answer that question.

At the time of this writing I did a quick search on eBay for essential oils.  There were 356,483 results for essential oils   If we did that same
search back in 1993 when Young Living Essential Oils started, my guess is there would have been less than 1/2 dozen results on eBay.
(I understand that doTerra was started in 2008, but as we previously stated Emily Wright, and David Hill, doTerra founders,
came from Young Living.



So logically the question is easy to answer, but emotionally it can be very difficult.  We respect that, and understand that.  If you happen to be reading this and you love DoTerra, the products, and the company culture that’s awesome.  Just don’t make the mistake of thinking because a some Presidential Diamond who started in the beginning of the company  is making over a million dollars a year, that you have the same type of opportunity.  You don’t!

It always comes down to what are you REALLY looking for?  How much income do you want to earn?  If your hope is to build a large duplicating team, solid personal customer base and over time a full time income, I would suggested you keep on looking.  If you want to join a business with great people and offers a great social culture, then you probably won’t find a better company than doTerra.


How Do You Make Money with DoTerra?


DoTerra offers a straight forward compensation plan.  A unilevel that can pay up to 34% on your team.   25% retail profits, bonus pools, etc.   You can download the doTerra Compensation Plan PDF here.