How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company

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Even in todays online world, in 2019 our most recent survey’s indicated that approximately 76% of people that join a network marketing company join with a friend, family member, or business associate.

Very few people take the time to ask themselves, why am I joining, what do I want to accomplish and what is the true upside potential of this companies product or service in the market place.

Weekly I have clients and business associates ask me, what I think about XYZ company. That is why we started this website years ago.

I found that when a company like Zeek Rewards gets hot in the market place then I was constantly saying the same thing over and over. I get tired of saying “Stay away, it has no future” and then explaining all the reason why I felt that way. So it is easier to say it once through one article.

For the same reason I did the video above. I hope it provides value, and helps you look deeper when evaluating a network marketing opportunity.